Was  born  in Wonogiri, Central Java on 1984. Moved and lived in Yogyakarta since 2002 to study Printmaking in Indonesia Institute of the Arts (ISI Yogyakarta). Social-historical issue become    frequent theme in my creative process, especially regard to the matter or identity, which evolving of the inter‐cultural change responding to the media current as the global information source. This phenomenon becomes a narration in most of my works with drawings on my main concern.
As the most ancient and elementary visual records,forvmevdrawing is a device for understanding our place within the universe. The superiority of drawing lies in its simplicity and a silent background. As a record of process such is the current description. Drawings, fluid and immediate as they are, are the most honest archive that record pre event episodes. The process of creating them already tells us how to assign meaning to the images.
With several friends, our closeness to the youth‐pop culture led us to found an art collective called Ace House Collective. This collective also acted as an art laboratory that not only produces visual works, but its crossing from and interdisciplinary with other disciplines.
This is the form of sensibility of the artist with their environment which he lived. This interest led me based in cross‐disciplinary work, which certainly adds perspective to narrate a phenomenon in the works.  Interdisciplinary backgrounds.